About Us

Our Ingredients

  • All our teas are made from wild-harvested or organically grown herbs ensuring sustainability and protection of the environment.
  • GM Free – Mr.Tea’s Teas ingredients are guaranteed 100% free from genetic modification.
  • Ethically Sourced – Our tea ingredients are sourced from areas around the world with low environmental pollution.
  • Responsibly Blended – Our teas are lovingly nurtured with proper care given to the ingredients to preserve the natural medicinal properties.

5 Unique features about Mr Tea’s Teas

  • All tea blends are hand-nurtured. Hand-blending tea is a dying art. Nowadays most teas are cut and blended mechanically.
  • Our teas are not just flavoursome but also very good for you. Whilst we don’t claim that our teas can cure terminal diseases or the like, the herbs we use are used in many cultures around the world to strengthen the immune system and eliminate a huge array of ailments and dis-eases. All our teas contain adequate amounts of these herbs which allows the infusions to be effective even when consumed in small quantities. At the same time none of the flavours are compromised which is often the case with herbal teas.
  • Our tea blends are mostly our own creations. Most blends we sell have been invented and created by us. After conducting extensive research on the compatabilty and properties of the herbs, the teas have undergone long periods of testing before they were deemed adequate for trade. Some of our blends were tested for 6 months to a year in order to reach a standard of perfection.
  • When we say ethical, we mean ethical. Our ingredients are guaranteed GM free and only sourced from areas in the world which have the least amount of environmental pollution and better human rights standards. We do not support or endorse forced or slave labour. We don’t ever compromise on these issues.
  • Our teas have strong aromas and intensely rich flavours. Whilst aromas and flavours are rife when it comes to herbal teas in general, very often they lack depth and intensity when consumed. Our customers truly get value for money. Many of our teas are so potent that one portion can make 2 pots without any loss of flavour.