Is it safe to consume your herbal teas when pregnant or breastfeeding?

It depends. Most of our blends are fine to use during pregnancy, however, blends such as Lucidi-Tea and some other teas may cause problems during pregnancy. Essentially every body functions differently and not every herb is compatible with certain people. We therefore suggest that you make an educated decision before consuming our products and, if necessary, seek expert advice.

Do your blends contain caffeine?

At present only our Re-Re Tea contains caffeine in limited amounts and in the form of Mateine, found in Yerba Mate. The content is approximately 30% that of coffee.

Are your teas medicinal?

We are not making any claims regarding medicinal properties of our blends. Herbal medicine has been traditionally used for thousands of years in most cultures. The herbs we use are often used in herbal medicine. How these herbs affect you can differ greatly according to your age, weight and general health condition. We therefore strongly suggest that you conduct your own research as well as obtain expert advice before using our teas medicinally.

Where can you buy your teas?

Our teas can be purchased either directly from us or from any of our stockists. For more detailed information please visit the ‘Stockists’ section on our website. Please note that not all outlets have all varieties available. If you cannot find the particular blend you are looking for please contact us directly or visit the online shop. Alternatively you can also find us at various markets in the wider Bristol area, details of which again you can find by searching this website.

How long do your teas stay fresh?

For quality purposes we give our teas a ‘best before’ of 18 months. However, from experience we can say that they stay fresh for much longer. All herbs we use have a 3 year minimum shelf life and are blended and packed within 3-6 months from date of purchase.

Who are Mr. Tea’s Teas?

We are an independent free enterprise comprised of two individuals who have a true passion for tea and healthy living. Our business was established in 2012 and we are working out of Bristol. Our aim is to bring high quality, ethically sourced and lovingly blended herbal infusions to the community at an affordable price ensuring that our customers get true value for money.

Do you wholesale to businesses?

Yes. If you are looking to become one of our stockists please contact us by e-mail and we will arrange a meeting and tea tasting at your convenience.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes. However, respective postal charges do apply.

Are your teas organic?

Most of our herbs are wild-harvested, which means they are not commercially grown and cannot be certified as organic. In some cases, where we use a different supplier, there is an organic certification by our supplier. We can guarantee that our herbs are free from genetic modification, non-irradiated and grown without pesticides. Furthermore we source from areas around the world with no human rights violations such as slave or forced labour and with relatively low environmental pollution.