Re-Re Tea 50g



Ingredients: Yerba Mate, Lemongrass, Aniseed
­Some scientific research into the benefits of Yerba Mate has shown it to be effective for increasing focus, strength, energy, and endurance.

­It is also known to reduce Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, fatigue and contains Antioxidants.

­It is said to be an effective diet aid as well as promote increased creativity.

­Known to rejuvenate, it is also used to break down fat(Lipolytic)and balance sleep patterns.

Culural Background:
Mate tea was introduced to colonizing and modern civilizations by the primitive Guarani Indians of Paraguay and Argentina and has seemingly always been the most common ingredient in household cures of the Guarani. Among the native Guarani the natural use of Mate for healthful purposes has persisted. They use it to boost immunity, cleanse and detoxify the blood, tone the nervous system, retard aging, combat fatigue, stimulate the mind, control the appetite, reduce stress, and eliminate insomnia.


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